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Facebook || How To Use Nearby Friends Option in Facebook

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What is nearby friends in Facebook Nearby friends feature kya Hai kaise use kare hindi
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Text Comments (14)
Hyper GIP (1 month ago)
How to cancel invites ?
harpreet singh (1 month ago)
1 min to tune beja khaya
Technical aslam akhtar (2 months ago)
Are bhai ye or frind ko to so nhi kar reha h baki kese deke
Didarul Islam DH (2 months ago)
Apna pasmei koi Facebook use korrehi hein,,lekin apna friend list me nehi hein to kiya unki fb name show kore ga
Arman Official (5 months ago)
mere me to ye he hi nhi
Deeksha Shiva (6 months ago)
I m not getting name in nearby friends
Sunilbeshwar Sunil (2 months ago)
It's easy
Deeksha Shiva (6 months ago)
In nearby friends I m not getting name of the person what to do
SBS TECH (6 months ago)
Kya problem hai dear
Techno Rk GAMEX (8 months ago)
last comment
Jampass Gaming (9 months ago)
1st comment
SBS TECH (9 months ago)

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